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18 01 & 02 02 2021, two interviews for the Lithuanian State media portal. (in Lithuanian)

On State and Church relations in Lukašenka's Belarus [more]

On Belarusian identity  [more]

09 02 2021, WHITE/RED: A Documentary on Belarus. Armėno radijas. (in Lithuanian)


16 02 2021, An Interview on the Signatories of the February 16th Independence Act. (in Lithuanian)

[VDU, Kauno diena, VE, lrytas, alfa and others]

03 03 2021, How to name Belarus? On the problem of a Lithuanian word for Belarus. (in Lithuanian)

[„Gimtoji kalba“, 2021 m. nr. 2.]

21 03 2021, Was Navahrudak a capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania? (discussion in Russian, Belarusian and Polish)


25-03-2021, Interview for the Lithuanian State media portal on the State holidays in Belarus. (in Lithuanian)


25/26-06-2021, an organizer of a scientific conference on the Dynasty of Gediminids in Warsaw. (in Polish, Russian, English) 


06-07-2021, discussion on Who Are Lithuanians? (in Lithuanian)


07-07-2021, Public lecture on the issues of the Mindaugas' coronation in the Marijampolė's Public library. (in Lithuanian)


9/25-07-2021, Hundred years of Lithuanian and Swiss diplomatic relations.


03-09-2021, 17.00 Presentation of the "History of Belarus" in the Cathedral Square in Vilnius. (in Lithuanian)

08-09-2021, LRT radio, an interview on the History of Belarus. (in Lithuanian)


1/3-10-2021, The Ninth International Congress of Belarusian Studies


13-10-2021, Euroradio (Belarus). Interview on "Grand Duchy of Lithuania: why do Lithuanians and Belarusians have got different historical truth?" (in Russian)


15-10-2021, 17.00 Presentation of the History of Belarus by Rūstis Kamuntavičius in Kaunas. (in Lithuanian)


17-10-2021, LRT (National Lithuanian TV). Interview: the first book on the history of Belarus by a Lithuanian. (in Lithuanian)


20/21-10-2021, an organizer of a scientific conference dedicated to the Constitution of the 3rd May in Vilnius. (in Lithuanian , Polish, Russian)


03-11-2021, LRT (National Lithuanian Radio) "Minsko ekspresas". Interview: Rebirth of Belarusian Studies in Lithuania: Myth or Reality? (in Lithuanian)


08-11-2021, LRT (National Lithuanian Radio). Interview "What is the difference between Lithuanian and Belarusian historian narration?" (in Lithuanian)


11-12-2021, Warsaw. A discussion on "Whose Grand Duchy? Contesting the Multicultural Past in Lithuania and Belarus". (in English)

[more]  [pdf]

12-2021, Paris. Lectures on the History of Lithuania at the Sorbonne University (on-line).  (in English)

12-2021, A Lithuanian journal dedicated to history VORUTA. Review of the first Belarusian history in Lithuanian by Rūstis Kamuntavičius  (85–86 p.) (in Lithuanian)



10 03 2020, Warsaw University, Winter School (East European Studies Center). (in Polish)

Paper on "Where does the History of Lithuania start and where does it end?"

[10.00-12.00, sala Balowa, Pałac Potockich. FREE ENTRANCE]

30 04 2020, LRT TV show. Interview on stucco art. (in Lithuanian)


01 06 2020, Italian and Swiss-Italian traces in Lithuania. (in Lithuanian)

A project at the Lithuanian State TV site


17 07 2020, Interview delfi.ru TV. On Lithuania and Belarus.  (in Russian)


10 09 2020, Delfi.lt. An Interview on Lithuania-Belarus.  (in Lithuanian)


21 09 2020, Lviv (on-line), International Scientific Conference "1920–2020. CENTENARY OF THE POLISH-BOLSHEVIK WAR. Independence: politics-literature-art". (in Polish)

Paper on "Art in East-Central Europe. Is it joining or separating nations of the region? The Grand Duchy of Lithuania case."



25 01 2019, Kaunas "Santara-Šviesa"

Discussion on Belarus (in Lithuanian)

08 03 2019, Kaunas, Botanical garden of the VMU

Lecture on the historical contexts of the Botanical garden (in Lithuanian)

11 03 2019, Warsaw, Studium Europy Wschodniej at the Warsaw University

Lecture: What is worse: Imperium or Kingdom? Lithuania between Russia and Poland. (in Polish) 

All lectures of this Winter School are open to public


25 04 2019, Kaunas, Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania

The Emergence of New States in Eastern Europe after the First World War: Lessons for all of Europe. Debate and Exhibition (in English)


14 05 2019, Minsk, independent radio "Euroradio.fm" 

Discussion on the International Congress of Belarusian Studies (in Belarusian and Russian)


17 05 2019, Vilnius

Discussion on "Fantastic Lithuania". Images of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Western Literature (in Lithuanian)


24 05 2019, Lietuvos Rytas Television

Discussion on Medieval Lithuania (in Lithuanian)



31 05 2019, 18.00, Kaunas Punto Jazz attic, Santara-Šviesa Club

Discussion on the problem o Vilibor (in Lithuanian)

15 06 2019, Zagreb. ASEEES summer convention 

Section "Revolt of Words: Inverting of the New Political Vocabulary in Late Perestroika Eastern Europe" (in English)


06 07 2019, Interview: "Coronation of Mindaugas: Lithuanians do not know where, Belarusians – when" 

(in Lithuanian)


27-29 09 2019, Vilnius. International Congress of Belarusian Studies

Paper on "The Third Lithuanian Statute: Project of the First Translation into Lithuanian Language"

Opening of an exposition "Old Maps of the GDL – a view from Belarus". Round table discussion.


26 11 2019, San Francisco. ASEEES Congress

Paper on "The Phenomenon of Lugano Lake Artists in the Territories of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania"



27 01 2018, 14.00, LITEXPO Exhibition Hall

ADVENTUR: International exhibition on tourism and leisure

Presentation on the travels I am organizing (in Lithuanian)


12 01 and 06 02 2018, Lectures at secondary schools

January 12, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Gymnasium (Kaunas) "Everyday Life of a Historian" (in Lithuanian)

February 6, Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium "Lithuania after 1918 February 16: Death or Rebirth of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania?" (in Lithuanian)


08 03 2018, Warsaw University

Lecture: "Dlaczego Józef Piłsudski nigdy nie będzie bohaterem na Litwie?" (in Polish)


12 03 2018, 22.20, Lithuanian Television LRT "Lietuvos kolumbai"

This TV project is dedicated to Lithuanian-Swiss relations. A lot of attention is paid to the legacy of Lugano artists in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (in Lithuanian).


19 04 2018, 18.00, Kaunas Officers' House

Public discussion on "History and Mythologies"

(in Lithuanian).


26 04 2018, Białystok, Regionalny Ośrodek Debaty Międzynarodowej w Białymstoku

Participation in a public discussion on the memory o the Grand duchy of Lithuania in Belarus, Lithuania and Poland (in Polish).

[more information]

28 04 2018, 14.00, Vandžiogala, "Dom Palaka"

Public lecture. Celebration of the Constitution of the 3rd May (in Polish)


03 05 2018, 18.00, Kaunas, Green Café, Laisvės al. 46

Café Scientifique discussion "Why a True Historian will always be a Traitor of his own Nation? " (in Lithuanian)


14 and 21 05 2018, 22.20, Lithuanian Television LRT "Lietuvos kolumbai"

TV documentary on Lithuanian-Austrian historical relations.


23 03 2018, Vilnius, Seim of Lithuania

Conference dedicated to 100 years of Belarusian independence “Lithuania and Belarus 100 years ago and today"

Paper on "National Projects of Belarus and Lithuania in 1918"


18 05 2018, Minsk, Embassy of Lithuania

Conference „National Sovereignties (1918-2018): Idea and Political Practices“

Public discussion on Belarusian Peoples Republic and Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic: Foundations of Belarusian Statehood.

[more information]

27 09 2018, Zapyškis, House of activity and creativity

Paper: „Integration of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into Europe and the Sapiega Family" (in Lithuanian)

[more information]

12 10 2018, Teachers' conference

Paper: "Kaunas: forms, art and ideology" (in Lithuanian)

26/27 10 2018, Klaipėda

Forum of Lithuania-Belarus (in Lithuanian, Belarusian, Russian)

[more information]

07 11 2018, Žinių Radio

Discussion "Belarusian-Lithuanian relations, how to improve them?" (in Lithuanian)

[more information]

25 11 2018, BELSAT television. "Intermarium" discussion

Discussion "Can the Rzeczpospolita be treated also as a Belarusian State?" Participants: Prof. A. Zakszewski (Warsaw University), A. Dziarnovič (Minsk), J. Hardziejeŭ (Cracow Jagellonian University), Rūstis Kamuntavičius. (Russian, Belarusian and Polish languages)

[more information]


09 12 2018, Boston. ASEEES annual Congress

Paper: "Lie for the Sake of Objectivity: History Manuals in Lithuania, Belarus and Poland confronted." (in English)


02 03 2017, Warsaw University

Lecture: Jak podzielić wspólną historię? Batalia przełomu XX-XXI wieku o dziedzictwie Wielkiego Księstwa Litewskiego: Litwa, Białoruś, Polska. (in Polish)


14 03 2017, Lithuanian National TV

Discussion about legacy of Lugano-Lake artists in Lithuania. (in Lithuanian)


25 05 2017, Minsk, Hotel Crowne Plaza

Public discussion “How to write history of your own country now?” Participants: Lukasz Adamski (Poland), Valiancin Holubieŭ (Belarus), Rūstis Kamuntavičius (Lithuania), Ivan Kurilla (Russia). (in Belarusian and Russian)


26 05 2017, Belarusian non-government television BELSAT

Discussion on how Belarusians and Lithuanians fight for history in the Ǔ. Mackievič talk-show. (Russian-Belarusian languages)


27 05 2017, Minsk, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania

6th Minsk Conference of the Institute “Political Sphere”: Evolution or devaluation: the problem of democratic order in Eastern Europe

Paper: История в учебниках и критическая история: одна или две разные истории? (in Russian)


06 and 10 06 2017, 14.05-15.00, Lithuanian state radio "LRT klasika"

Radio lectures. "Reflections on Vilnius by European travelers through the 16th-17th centuries." (in Lithuanian)


29 06 2017, Odessa, I. Mečnikov University

Social and Political Transformatios in Centras and Eastern Europe (1917-2017): Factors, Achievements and Problems

Paper: Bogowie, bohaterowie i ludzi: Polska, Bialoruska, Litewska i Ukrainska wersja historii oczami G. Vico. (in Polish)


24 07 2017, Kelmė

Lecture "Introduction into History". Lithuanian Young Conservative League. Trainings. (in Lithuanian)


14-17 09 2017 Kaunas and Warsaw

The Fourth Congress of Lithuanian Historians (Kaunas)


International Congress of Belarusian Studies (Warsaw)


18 09 2017, The first Belarusian nwespaper "Naša Niva"

An interview on the First International Congress of Belarusian Studies, on Belarus and on Lithuania. (in Belarusian)


19 and 23 06 2017, 14.05-15.00, Lithuanian state radio "LRT klasika" 

Discussion "Reflection on L. Donskis Philosophy". Recorded in the Vilnius book fair on February 24. Participants: G. Mažeikis, M. Drunga, R. Kamuntavičius. Organizer – Vytautas Magnus U. (in Lithuanian)


05 10 2017, 14.00 I. Simonaitytė Library, Klaipėda

Presentation of the book "Lithuania-Switzerland" (together with J. Lewonig)


05 11 2017 at 11.00 and 07 at 9.30, Lithuanian state radio LRT

Discussion on the 1917' events in Russia (revolution/coup?) and their impact on modern world (in Lithuanian)


9-12 11 2017, Chicago. ASEEES annual convention

Convention Theme: "Transgressions"

Paper: National Narratives and Nonsense: Lithuanian, Belarusian and Polish Quarrels over History through the Last One Hundred Years. (in English)