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The first History of Belarus in the Lithuanian language!

Printed in summer 2021 (the second edition in the first quarter of 2022), it represents a Lithuanian point of view to the history of its closest neighbour. Belarusian history is being explained through the eyes of a Lithuanian. Though both countries have shared a common past since the 13th century, national narrations contradict and conflict. This is the first attempt to create a narration that would help understand each other and not satisfy one of the sides. The book is addressed to a Lithuanian reader or a person who knows Lithuanian national historical narration.

Unfortunately, the book is in the Lithuanian language only. 

The book can be bought here

A review in Беларускі Гістарычны Агляд in the Belarusian language

Rūstis Kamuntavičius: Events

16–02–2023, 17.15–18.45. "Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus from the Lithuanian perspective". A Talk by Rustis Kamuntavicius. University of Bath (United Kingdom). Zoom connection available. (in English)


02-05-2023, Interview for the Radio Liberty (Belarusian chapter) on the common history of Belarus and Lithuania. (Russian and Belarusian languages)

[text, video]

21-05-2023, ABC  (Australia) participation at a talk on "Belarus and Its Role in the War in Ukraine."  (in English)

[Full episode]

10-07-2023, Warsaw University. Lecture on Historical Atlases in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. (in Polish)

18-07-2023, LRT Radio. Interview on the Lithuanian translation of the Third Lithuanian Statute. (in Lithuanian)

[Full episode]

05-08-2023, Podcast "Uneasy History"  (Няпростая гісторыя), a talk on "Why do Lithuanians call Belarus by the name of Gudija".  (in Russian)

[Full episode]

13-09-2023, Podcast Homo cultus. The territory of a Historian. The best codification of law – The Third Lithuanian Statute. (in Lithuanian)

[Full episode]

22/24–09–2023, The Eleventh International Congress of Belarusian Studies  (Gdańsk, Poland).


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