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Marquette park Chicago. The center of parallel Lithuanian world separated by the iron curtain from the Soviet Lithuania through the Cold war epoch. The largest Lithuanian speaking quarter ever existed outside Lithuania. Approximately 30K people. At the end of the Soviet Union, many of them returned to help Lithuania recover. Today, Marquette park is not inhabited by Lithuanians, seems devastated, but still with a Lithuanian church and many signs of Lithuanian culture.

Rūstis Kamuntavičius: Events

18 01 & 02 02 2021, two interviews for the Lithuanian State media portal. (in Lithuanian)

On State and Church relations in Lukašenka's Belarus [more]

On Belarusian identity  [more]

09 02 2021, WHITE/RED: A Documentary on Belarus. Armėno radijas. (in Lithuanian)


16 02 2021, An Interview on the Signatories of the February 16th Independence Act. (in Lithuanian)

[VDU, Kauno diena, VE, lrytas, alfa and others]

03 03 2021, How to name Belarus? On the problem of a Lithuanian word for Belarus. (in Lithuanian)

[„Gimtoji kalba“, 2021 m. nr. 2.]

21 03 2021, Was Navahrudak a capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania? (discussion in Russian, Belarusian and Polish)


25-03-2021, Interview for the Lithuanian State media portal on the State holidays in Belarus. (in Lithuanian)


25/26-06-2021, an organizer of a scientific conference on the Dynasty of Gediminids in Warsaw. (in Polish, Russian, English) 


06-07-2021, discussion on Who Are Lithuanians? (in Lithuanian)


07-07-2021, Public lecture on the issues of the Mindaugas' coronation in the Marijampolė's Public library. (in Lithuanian)


9/25-07-2021, Hundred years of Lithuanian and Swiss diplomatic relations. A possibility to get a discount for the book dedicated to the bilateral communication! (in German and in Lithuanian)


1/3-10-2021, The Ninth International Congress of Belarusian Studies


20/21-10-2021, an organizer of a scientific conference dedicated to the Constitution of the 3rd May in Vilnius. (in Lithuanian , Polish, Russian)


20 11 2021, New Orleans, ASEEES Congress (?). (in English)

Paper on "The First Lithuanian History of Belarus. Why will it be published in 2021 only?"

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