An Austrian journalist Judith Lewonig in collaboration with me has published through 2010-2017 two books dedicated to Lithuania's historical relations to Switzerland and Austria.

The books in German and Lithuanian languages can be bought at Humanitas bookstores as well as

via mail 


in Lithuanian language only



30 04 2020, LRT TV show. Interview on stucco art (in Lithuanian)


17 07 2020, Interview TV. On Lithuania and Belarus. (in Russian)

[delfi, youtube]

10 09 2020, An Interview on Lithuania-Belarus (in Lithuanian)


21 09 2020, Lviv (on-line), International Scientific Conference "1920–2020. CENTENARY OF THE POLISH-BOLSHEVIK WAR. Independence: politics-literature-art"

Paper on "Art in the East-Central Europe. Is it joining or separating nations of the region? The Grand Duchy of Lithuania case."


?? 11 2021, New Orleans, ASEEES Congress?

Paper on "The First Lithuanian History of Belarus. Why will it be published in 2021 only?" (in English)



I am guiding unique intellectual excursions in Lithuania and neighbouring countries in English, Russian, Polish, Italian, French languages.
Italian legacy in Lithuania - art and architecture in Kaunas (Pažaislis) and Vilnius; Polish footsteps and their impact of Lithuanian culture; Cultural and mental specificity of Lithuanian culture, etc.


2020-2021 Fall Semester :

A project impleted together with the students of Vytautas Magnus University. Only in Lithuanian.



Legacy of Lugano Lake Artists in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Translation of the Third Lithuanian Statute (1588) into Lithuanian language

"Phi window"

This is the largest internet site dedicated to the art history of the Grand Duchy and the largest on-line resource on Lithuanian and Swiss (Ticino canton) historical relations.

In Lithuanian language.

Another way to look at the world that surrounds us.

The Statutes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, created in the 16th century, is the greatest achievement of the Lithuanian civilization. 

Institute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

The First and the only Lithuanian web-site dedicated to Belarus

International Congress of Belarusian Studies

A project of Polish, Lithuanian, Belarusian and Ukrainian intellectuals. Studies and propagation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 2019 the Institute celebrates its 10th anniversary! 

There has been no book in Lithuanian language called "History of Belarus", the closest historical partner of Lithuania. I am writing it now, hoping to finish in several years.

In Lithuanian language.

The largest periodical academic event in Belarus since 2011. Always held in Kaunas, moved to Warsaw in 2017 and to Vilnius in 2019. 

2020 Rūstis Kamuntavičius