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10 03 2020, Warsaw University, Winter School (East European Studies Center). (in Polish)

Paper on "Where does the History of Lithuania start and where does it end?"

[10.00-12.00, sala Balowa, Pałac Potockich. FREE ENTRANCE]

30 04 2020, LRT TV show. Interview on stucco art. (in Lithuanian)


01 06 2020, Italian and Swiss-Italian traces in Lithuania. (in Lithuanian)

A project at the Lithuanian State TV site


17 07 2020, Interview delfi.ru TV. On Lithuania and Belarus.  (in Russian)


10 09 2020, Delfi.lt. An Interview on Lithuania-Belarus.  (in Lithuanian)


21 09 2020, Lviv (on-line), International Scientific Conference "1920–2020. CENTENARY OF THE POLISH-BOLSHEVIK WAR. Independence: politics-literature-art". (in Polish)

Paper on "Art in East-Central Europe. Is it joining or separating nations of the region? The Grand Duchy of Lithuania case."


?? 11 2021, New Orleans, ASEEES Congress (?). (in English)

Paper on "The First Lithuanian History of Belarus. Why will it be published in 2021 only?"

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